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On top of trying my hand at managing this website, I am currently working on writing the third book of the Best Medicine series, currently planned to be titled The Doctor Is Out. With the way the second book ended, I am putting Remedy on the road away from home and seeing how she handles her ‘patients’ at a distance.

My current plan is to release it before Halloween, but that is not a definitive date by any stretch of the imagination. In case you missed it, I am working under the premise that each of the books in the series takes place in a different month during Remedy’s 8th grade school year. A timespan of September through May means I would end up with nine total, though some schools do finish up in June and I honestly would rather finish with a nice, round number.

Do I currently have a plan for any of those six or seven other stories? Sure, but only in the vaguest sense. I know what I want Remedy to accomplish before she sets off to high school, but that could change by the time I get there. I can say I have a clearer picture of her future in my head than I had of myself at her age. That might just be my age talking, though. As much as I like to think the bigger picture is set in stone, it very much could just be gray jello.

Note: Do not eat gray jello. Try jellybeans, instead.

In the future I may introduce some sort of word count update on the site for whatever project(s?) is currently being worked on along with when it was last updated. Like many writers, I also have a day job that does not involve creating fiction, so putting down words to electronic paper every day is not always feasible. Still, the farther along in a project I get, the more excitement grows within me, and it may be fun to share that with others. I may just have to look into an easy way to make a counter like this work.

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