Best Medicine

Best Medicine stars Remedy Best, a 13 year-old from Newport, Rhode Island who lives with her parents above their store Best Antiques. Eighth grade is hard, so when her parents come home with a box full of old doctor’s notepads, Remedy decides to start playing doctor to help her friends.

What could go wrong? She is only trying to help.

This series is currently only available on Amazon Kindle, but may come to paperback soon.

Check out free preview excerpts below.

#1 – Playing Doctor

#2 – A Couple Of Fears

Coming Soon To The Best Medicine Series:

#3 – The Doctor Is Out
#4 – The Worst Patient
#5 – The Doctor Is In
#6 – Heart Problems (working title)
#7 – Spring Fever (working title)
#8 – Word Of Mouth (working title)
#9 – The Best Patient (working title)
#10 – Out Of Network