Hello, I’m Jim Murphy. 

I am an author and I am apparently smart. I write middle grade and young adult fiction that, I hope, can be as helpful as they are entertaining. Please feel free to check out my books below.


Best Medicine #1: Playing Doctor

13 year-old Remedy Best finds herself ‘playing doctor’ to help her best friend and neighbor Will Parker cool his crush on an older girl in the neighborhood. With an eighth grade school dance on the horizon, Will appears to set his sights on Remedy while she finds herself also contending with, and assisting, a few of her classmates when they develop relationship plans of their own.

Best Medicine #2: A Couple Of Fears

It’s time for Halloween! For Remedy Best that means it’s the time of year for facing fears, though this year she may not be alone (in more ways that one). When she is teamed up for a project on werewolves with a scaredy-cat classmate, Remedy decides to expand her doctoring to helping her new partner.

But Remedy is also dealing with a nightmare of her own as she struggles with her feelings toward her best friend Will. As the holiday approaches, can she work up the courage to find out whether their current ‘doctor-patient relationship’ could transform into a ‘girlfriend-boyfriend’ relationship?

Accounting For Glory (also available in paperback!)

It’s the summer before senior year and 16 year-old Winston Downs has a problem. Okay, maybe it’s not a problem exactly. He’s just found out he’s the subject of a crush.

He was not prepared for this. He’s not prepared for anything.

With less than a year before he’s supposed to have everything “figured out”, what can Winston do? Winston can write. What starts as a diary of emotions (that may or may not be given to his admirer) becomes a journal featuring explanations of his past, examinations of his present, and expectations of his future.